NY Bakery Owner Sues Scripps Network Over Food Network Show

“One Tough Cookie” owner Gail Dosik says the reality show “Tough Cookies” will confuse consumers.

A New York bakery owner is suing Scripps Network over the Food Network's forthcoming baking reality show, Tough Cookies.

Gail Dosik, who has run a Greenwich Village bakery called "One Tough Cookie" since 2005, says that Food Network's new show is likely to confuse consumers.

She's not the first to take a food reality television show to court. In the past year, The Learning Channel defended itself against a trademark claim for Cake Boss and the Food Network battled over Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. Both cases were settled.

With only so many food puns to go around, the Food Network now deals with a new lawsuit from a woman who seemingly has violated Justin Bieber's publicity rights in cookie form. (Check out this tweet.)

The Food Network's Tough Cookies is currently in the production oven and scheduled to debut next month. The network says it intends to "vigorously defend" itself against the claims.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase, "tough cookies," is meant as a retort to someone with a problem, either to denote sympathy in a hip manner or a curt dismissal without the profanity.

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