Olympic Broadcast Restrictions Lead to Newscaster's Lego Reenactment (Video)

Sally Pearson Gold Medal Win Lego Reenactment - H 2012

Sally Pearson Gold Medal Win Lego Reenactment - H 2012

Each Olympics, trademark attorneys everywhere compete with each other over who can best explain the International Olympic Committee's tough regimen in cracking down on brand ambushers. By now, most people are familiar just how protective the IOC can be of its marks and official sponsors.

Much less attention gets paid to the IOC's restrictive news access rules.

For example, the IOC has these guidelines for newscasters who wish to show footage from the London games:

"a) Olympic Material may appear in no more than three (3) News Programs per day; and
b) No more than two (2) minutes of Olympic Material may be used in any one
News Program; and
c) These News Programs must be separated by a period of at least three (3) hours; and
d) No more than one third of any individual event may be used in any one News Programs or 30 seconds, whichever is the lesser time. However, if the duration of an individual Olympic event is less than 15 seconds the whole of the event can be shown in a News Program."

Most newscasters obey such protocols regardless of any free speech defenses.

Occasionally, a newscaster gets cute. Here's this year's medal for walking the balance beam of Olympic coverage: Taking a page from The Guardian, which did the same trick for the 2010 World Cup, ABC News Breakfast in Australia recreated in lego form Sally Pearson's victory in the 100 meter hurdles. Watch the clip:

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