Organizers of 'Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run' Bow to MGM's Trademark Threat

Rocky Balboa did what?!!
United Artists/Elliott Marks/Photofest

Rebecca Schaefer, a Philadelphia resident who was planning to organize a 50 kilometer race that would roughly retrace the steps of Rocky Balboa's training run in Rocky II, is altering course.

Her efforts came in the aftermath of Philadelphia Magazine columnist Dan McQuade's attempt to figure out Sylvester Stallone's route. The journalist used the various montages from the film to hysterically reconstruct the route as well as a USA Track and Field distance-measuring tool to come to the conclusion that the boxer ran 30.61 miles — which included this...

Schaefer got in trouble, though, for naming her proposed race the "Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run."

MGM, which owns rights to the film and apparently has sponsored an official run, objected on trademark grounds. The "Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run" sparked concern of consumers being confused about source of sponsorship.

McQuade obtained the cease-and-desist sent to Schaefer.

“MGM demands that you and your affiliates immediately remove the Rocky name and any references, images or promotions related to Rocky from any... materials you may be disseminating in connection with the Unauthorized Rocky Event...Please be advised that failure to comply with these demands will cause MGM to take appropriate legal action to protect its rights and interests to seek all injunctions, damages, fees and costs to which it is entitled under law."

Schaefer isn't going to be the underdog in the legal ring.

She's now soliciting ideas for a new name of her race. One has already suggested that "MGM Lawyers" figure prominently.

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