Power Lawyers 2011: Hollywood's Top 100 Entertainment Attorneys Revealed (Video)

25 FEA Lawyers Martin Singer Howard Weitzman John Spiegel
Joe Pugliese

From left: Martin Singer (Lavely & Singer), Howard Weitzman (Kinsella Weitzman) and John Spiegel (Munger Tolles & Olson), photographed July 6 at the Capital Grille, Beverly Hills.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Lawyers 2011 list has arrived! For the fifth consecutive year, we've scoured the showbiz landscape and selected the 100 attorneys whose work behind the scenes has most influenced the entertainment business. This year we've broken down the list into the following categories:

Talent Dealmakers: Gross points, rich backends and franchise hunting: These attorneys for A-list stars keep them in the stratosphere.

Litigation Specialists: These hired guns can go all the way to trial to right a wrong in an industry where the rules are not always black, white or even fair.

Corporate Dealmakers: The men and women behind the big-ticket transactions that keep money flowing to Hollywood.

The Troubleshooters: Plenty of Los Angeles lawyers handle high-stakes criminal cases and rich divorces, but it takes a special skill to expertly navigate both the legal issues and the glare of a rapturous media.

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