Power Lawyers Returns! 5th Anniversary Issue to Profile America's Top 100 Entertainment Attorneys

It's back! We're excited to announce that The Hollywood Reporter's annual Power Lawyers issue will return in July. Once again, we're naming the top 100 most influential entertainment attorneys in America, from smooth-talking talent dealmakers to scary showbiz litigators to the corporate and labor experts in between.

Hard to believe this is our fifth year putting together this list and the accompanying breakfast event. We're again scouring the year's Hollywood headlines looking for worthy inclusions. We want the men and women behind the biggest deals, the nastiest disputes (they need not even involve Charlie Sheen) and the most cutting-edge legal issues facing the entertainment industry.

Click here to download the nomination form. Submissions are due May 15, and we'll be conducting our own research as well to determine what we believe to be the only comprehensive and definitive list of the country's top showbiz legal eagles. Honorees will be contacted for an interview in June. And hopefully, if we're really lucky, Jake Bloom will finally talk to us for his profile this year.