'Prison Break' ratings might fizzle, but it sizzles on illegal file-sharing sites

On April 17, Fox brought back "Prison Break" to end its four-year run with six final episodes. The premiere managed to garner only 1.2 million adults 18-49, But "Break" was a huge hit in underground circles, bested last week only


In other piracy news:

  • The Pirate Bay verdict has been translated into English with interesting surprises, like the drugs confiscated from one of the defendants, the fact that the Swedish government covered the legal expenses of many of the defendants, and other defenses that were contemplated but never amounted, including seeking "safe harbor" and pointing out that Google isn't so different than Pirate Bay. Read the interesting story here.
  • Business Week has a story about one business sector that has really heated up in recent months: digital rights vendors. According to the article, "turning anti-piracy into rights management is really starting to resonate for content holders," and even President Barack Obama is said to be a hip anti-pirate. Hmmm.
  • We previously peeked at an offer exactly one euro as penance for using its song in an online campaign video. Looks like the band turned President Sarkozy down because the two sides have agreed to settle the case for a much more generous 30,000 euros.