Producers File Suit Over 'Fast Lane' and 'Uncharted' Distribution Disagreement

Tristan Leostar Films has filed a lawsuit against Syndicated Communications Venture Partners V (Syncom), Maya Entertainment Group, Max 360 Entertainment and related entities charging breach of contract for their failure to properly release and provide accounting for two movies: Fast Lane and Uncharted.

The suit, filed in L.A. Superior Court on June 11, seeks at least $500,000 in damages.

According to the suit, Tristan Leostar is a Florida company that also has offices in Beverly Hills. In 2008, it made a distribution deal with the defendants to release Fast Lane (aka Fast & Deadly). IMDB describes Fast Lane as a film about a female car-theft gang starring Steven Bauer and Olivia Brown. It was directed by David Betances.

Tristan Leostar claims that in 2009 it made another distribution deal with the same parties for a movie called Uncharted, a horror film directed by Frank Nunez and produced by John Fuentes and Demetrius Navarro.

The suit says the company they originally did the deal with was sold, but the contract was transferred and remained valid.

They allege breach of contract for failing to distribute, promote and exploit the movies as promised; refusing to pay Tristan Leostar what they were owed; and not accounting for what money did come in from domestic and international release in theaters and on home video.

There was no response to efforts to get comment on the suit from Syncom, a Maryland financial company; and phone numbers listed for Maya Entertainment Group and Max 360 Entertainment are no longer in service.