'RoboCop' Studio Settles Dispute With Security Firm

Orion Pictures Corporation

Peter Weller stars as the title character, a cop who is turned into the ultimate crime fighter after a scuffle with local bad guys leaves him legally dead. Like many of the other sci-fi films on this list, 1987’s RoboCop is a tale of dystopia, but it's Paul Verhoeven’s wonderfully satirical brand of dystopia—characterized by media saturation and the privatization of government services. A reboot of the series, from director Jose Padilha, is planned for 2014.

The studio behind RoboCop is settling its dispute with a private security company, according to a Tuesday court filing. 

RoboCopp, the security firm, took Orion Pictures to court in September after its attorney sent a warning letter about the firm's name.

Orion, an MGM subsidiary which owns the rights to the film franchise, claimed the company chose the "RoboCopp" name to capitalize on the movies' worldwide brand recognition. RoboCopp sought a declaratory judgment that its trademark didn't infringe on that of the police film franchise.

Details of the settlement are scarce, but it appears the high-tech security firm and the RoboCop rightsholder have agreed to put down their legal weapons.

"Robocopp and Orion have agreed in principle to the material terms of a settlement and are in the process of documenting their agreement, which will result in a dismissal of all claims and counterclaims in the action as well as the entry of a stipulated permanent injunction," states the filing. 

Orion Pictures is represented by A.J. Thomas of Jenner & Block, and RoboCopp LLC is represented by Heather Norton.