'Rocky Horror Show' Production Shut Down as Too Risque (Video)

Georgia politician regulates content by finding the show to be too offensive for local consumption.
"Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Does The Rocky Horror Show still have the power to get under the skin of puritans 40 years after it was first released as a British rock musical? It happened on Glee last season, but surely not in real life, right?

Guess again. In life imitating art, a Georgia theatrical production of the cult sexual farce has been shut down by local political leaders who found it to be too risqué.

The show had been planned for reprisal at Atlanta's Plaza Theater. The city first allowed performances but then Carrollton, Georgia mayor Wayne Garner and his staff caught some video of the rehearsals and had second thoughts.

Mayor Garner has stopped the production, even after organizers promised to restrict attendance to adults. To the bitter disappointment of cast members, who have taken to Facebook to protect, the political leader says he wouldn't allow any R-rated production at a city-owned stage.

The organizers are now trying to raise private funds.

Perhaps Glee was onto something.

Here's a video of the controversy from a local NBC station.

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