Former Chicago Police Officer Sues Universal Over 'Safe House'

The more outlandish the plot, the more identifiable it becomes to conspiracy theorists.
Universal Pictures
"Safe House"

File under "Out There":

Former Chicago police officer Marty Christopher Lawson is attempting to get an injunction to stop Universal from further distributing the hit film Safe House.

Why? The former cop, who says he was forced to retire under duress, says the plot, characters, theme, etc. of the film were ripped from his book, Truth or Treason, as well as a series of videos he posted on YouTube.

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The complaint doesn't spell out the similarities, nor does it suggest how Universal saw his work, but it implies that the movie carried analogous elements to his efforts to uncover $100 million of alleged conspiratorial financial fraud upon the Chicago Police Pension Fund.

The plaintiff's videos suggest he believes hearing transcripts were altered in his investigation, which might be argued as too similar to the movie's plot about CIA documents and and pressures to alter facts. (Never mind that Safe House is set in South Africa.)

For the time being, the lawsuit is pending in an Illinois federal court. Lawson says the movie caused him "pain and suffering."