Shari Redstone Hit With Second Spying Lawsuit From a Sumner Ex-Companion

Sumner Holland_getty - H 2016
Amanda Edwards/Getty

Sumner Holland_getty - H 2016

Now that Sydney Holland is involved in the Sumner Redstone festival of litigation, it seems she intends to follow suit. 

Holland's latest legal maneuver is an echo of one made by fellow Redstone companion Manuela Herzer in May — just minutes after a judge tossed her petition to regain control of the mogul's healthcare directive. She claims Redstone's daughter Shari and several members of his staff spied on her in an effort to dig up enough dirt to convince the mogul to remove her from his life and his will. 

The short version of the backstory: Last year, Sumner kicked Holland out of his house after she admitted to having an affair. Shortly after, he gave Herzer the boot, too. Both women allege that Shari has it out for them and lied to her father in order to remove the companions from his life. Meanwhile, Sumner's camp has sued Holland and Herzer for financial elder abuse in an effort to reclaim $150 million worth of cash and gifts he'd given them.

Holland's spying suit, like Herzer's, claims Shari recruited several members of Sumner's household staff to eavesdrop on her, both invading her privacy and breaching their non-disclosure agreements with the mogul. Holland also claims Shari hired a private investigator to surveil her.

"Both Redstone and Sydney sensed increasing hostility and jealousy from Shari shortly after Sydney’s daughter was born, whom she inevitably saw as an additional threat to her eventual multibillion-dollar empire," writes attorney Mark Holscher in the complaint. "She hoped to discover something damning about Sydney that would cause Redstone to exile Sydney from his life." (Read the complaint in full here.)

Herzer has been involved in the legal fight from the start, but Holland entered with a bang this week — after being dragged into the fray as a defendant in the elder abuse suit. Holland claims she was in a loving and intimate relationship with Sumner, but his affections and millions of gifts were also given to a string of other women. 

Sumner's legal team issued a statement in response to the suit on Thursday: “Through her frivolous cross-complaint, Sydney Holland has adopted the same pathetic tactics as her cohort, Manuela Herzer. We expect the jury will see them for who they truly are.”