'Storage Hunters' Stars Sue TruTV After Being Cut From Season 2

Two stars of the hit reality series Storage Hunters sued TruTV and the company behind the show Tuesday for breach of contract, claiming they were improperly cut out of a second season.

Read the complaint here.

Scott Tassone and Chrissy Tassone say in a filing in California Superior Court that they were cut from the second season of the show because of things said about them by some employees of T Group Productions, which produces the show. The suit claims the husband and wife were initially given a contract to appear in season 2.

"The defamatory and harassing actions were made in an attempt to cause irreparable damage to plaintiffs businesses, name and reputation," charges the suit, adding that in "public postings and direct correspondence" they were accused of being liars, con artists, thieves, operating illegal businesses, operating various scams, conspiring to harm others, making bogus claims on a consumer website and harassment, along with other allegations.

The suit says there was an intentional effort to interfere with their employment, even though they were "exemplary employees … well-liked by the production staff and the viewing audience," and after they "greatly contributed to the success of Storage Hunters."

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On the TruTV website, Scott and Chrissy Tassone are described as having been "in the auction game for more than a decade."

"But theirs is more than just a casual interest. These two are serious pros, bringing with them the experience of having their own moving business," the site reads. "In other words, this husband and wife team knows what sells ... and what doesn't. They have an eye for antiques and high-end collectibles. And with a take-no-prisoners attitude, when they want something, they get it."

The suit says the couple notified T Group and TruTV (a unit of Turner Broadcasting, which is a division of Time Warner) but their requests for assistance did not remedy the situation. "In fact," alleges the suit, T Group and TruTV "conspired with and encouraged the other defendants to continue this wrongful behavior in an effort to boost ratings for Storage Hunters."

The suit says T Group exercised an option for the defendants to appear on the second season of the show, but then two weeks before production was to begin, revoked that option renewal.

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The Tassones say their efforts to reach a settlement prior to filing the suit were unsuccessful.

The complaints in the suit also include intentional infliction of emotional distress; negligence; trade libel; fraud and intentional deceit; and negligent misrepresentation.

The list of those individuals named in the suit includes Jenny Daly, David Kelleher, Stacia Thompson, Mark Powell, Lori Bernier, Brandon Bernier, Elenna VanMeter, Jason VanMeter, Ronald Kirkpatrick, Virginia Kirkpatrick, Jesse McClure, Ashley McClure, and Terence Lindsey.

A spokesperson for Turner Broadcasting had no immediate comment, but was looking into the matter further. Scott and Chrissy Tassone declined to comment.