'Storage Wars' Star Brandi Passante Sues Over 'Stalker Porn' Video

Brandi Passante Portrait - P 2012

Brandi Passante Portrait - P 2012

Brandi Passante, a star of A&E's Storage Wars, has launched a legal attack against Hunter Moore, a controversial porn peddler who has been featured on Anderson Cooper's talk show, Fox News and throughout the media.

Moore is best known for IsAnyoneUp.com, a website that Gawker once said was capitalizing on a new genre of erotica called "stalker porn," featuring nude cell phone pics often submitted by a subject's ex-boyfriend, alongside screenshots of the subject's Facebook profile. Last year, the website prompted Facebook to send Moore a cease-and-desist letter, and in April, his website was shut down.

But Passante says Moore hasn't quit being a pest and is heading to court for revenge.

Passante has filed a complaint in California federal court that alleges that after being banished by Facebook, Moore took his activities to Tumblr and Twitter.

The reality star says she discovered this two weeks ago when she began receiving messages on Twitter referring to Moore's activities. When Passante went to Moore's Tumblr site, she says she discovered someone had been portraying her in a "fabricated" pornographic video.

Passante says she has suffered anxiety, physical illness and lost sleep and believes that the video will reach her children, friends and family.

The complaint quotes Moore in the Gawker article. He purportedly said, "I'm not a virgin to cease and desists. I get about a million a day. I don't give a f---. I'm never going to stop."

Passante is alleging violations of the Lanham Act, privacy and publicity statutes, defamation laws, consumer fraud laws and more.

She says Moore is using her name and image and exploiting her fame from Storage Wars to "grow his infamy" and profit through the sales of hats, T-shirts and other merchandise.

The lawsuit asks for an injunction, a restraining order and all damages available.

Moore couldn't be reached for comment.