Sumner Redstone Ex Asks Court to Order Independent Medical Evaluation

Sumner Redstone's ex-fiancee is asking the court to order that the 93-year-old media mogul be evaluated by independent medical experts to establish whether or not he's competent.
Amanda Edwards/Getty

Sydney Holland is the latest woman in Redstone's life to enter the legal battles centering on whether he is competent enough to make his own personal and business decisions.

In a motion filed Wednesday, Holland argues that because Redstone's personal physician testified that he could never sit for a deposition in this lawsuit due to his health, she has a right to establish whether he actually had the capacity to sue her. 

"[I]f Redstone is deemed mentally incompetent, the Court can appoint a guardian ad litem for, among other things, the verification under oath of responses to Holland's discovery requests," writes attorney Sierra Elizabeth. "[O]r on the other hand, if Redstone is competent and capable of proceeding in his individual capacity, the Court can order Redstone to sit for deposition or make certain accommodations based on his physical limitations."

She wants an independent medical expert to evaluate and testify to Redstone's physical capacity and an independent neurologist to investigate and testify to his mental capacity.

Holland also is asking the court to stay discovery in the case until it makes a determination on Redstone's capacity to participate in the action.

"Redstone's rapidly declining health, increasing age, and conflicting assertions of his capabilities both mentally and physically by those closest to him make a specific determination of his ability to proceed imperative before proceeding further with discovery," writes Elizabeth.

Holland and Redstone's longtime companion Manuela Herzer both are being sued by the mogul for elder abuse. Redstone claims the women manipulated him into giving them $150 million worth of gifts. Meanwhile, the women say it's his daughter Shari Redstone who is unduly influencing him. Both women are suing Shari Redstone for allegedly spying on them through the mogul's house staff.

While Herzer has been in a legal battle with the Redstones since 2015, Holland's first move in December escalated the situation into an all-out war. She claims his "lurid" relationships with multiple women led to other significant financial gifts and it makes no sense that only she and Herzer are being targeted in the lawsuit. Redstone's legal team described that filing as "a work of fiction punctuated by not-so-subtle threats of extortion and an overwhelming stench of greed." 

His attorney Robert Klieger sent The Hollywood Reporter a statement in response to Holland's most recent motion Wednesday afternoon.

"Ms. Holland and her counsel would have you believe that only an incompetent person would prefer to leave $150 million to charity than to the Holland/Herzer tag team at whose hands he suffered so much," says Klieger. "Mr. Redstone is well aware of everything these women have done, and are doing. He firmly believes that what Ms. Holland and Ms. Herzer deserve is measured in years, not dollars."

Jan. 17, 4:15 p.m. Updated with a statement from Redstone's attorney.