Sumner Redstone's Granddaughter Joins Ex-Companion's Lawsuit

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In a surprising move on Tuesday, Manuela Herzer's attorneys filed an ex parte application to amend her lawsuit seeking control of Sumner Redstone's care — adding the 92-year-old mogul's granddaughter as a co-petitioner. 

Keryn Redstone is the daughter of Brent Redstone, who parted ways with the family following a legal battle nearly a decade ago. 

In response to a request for a statement, Herzer's attorney Ronald Richards says Keryn "confirms who her 'grumpy' wanted in charge of his medical and health decisions, and it is not Shari Redstone and her stockbroker."  

"Keryn Redstone is an insider and a law school graduate who corroborates Ms. Herzer's allegations," says Richards. "She confirms the issues with Mr. Redstone's care, his disdain for his daughter, and is a credible witness, and if the court allows, will be a co-petitioner exposing the conspiratorial efforts to deprive Mr. Redstone of his wishes while he had mental capacity."

This all started back in October, when Redstone's longtime companion Herzer was escorted out of his Beverly Park mansion and her control over his health care was revoked. Herzer sued to regain her position, claiming the mogul was being unduly influenced by those around him and didn't have the capacity to make decisions about his health or his business.

Keryn's declaration filed with the court reads like a soap opera and supports Herzer's claims. 

Keryn describes the relationship Sumner had with his daughter Shari, her aunt, as tempestuous and recalls witnessing a screaming match between them at a birthday party when she was a child, according to her declaration. 

When Redstone was hospitalized with pneumonia in 2014, Keryn claims she overheard Shari telling doctors "he wants to die at home" and pushing for a do not resuscitate order despite Redstone's objections.

After Herzer was thrown out of Redstone's house, Keryn says his mood and his health deteriorated. 

"I have not seen my Grumpy since February," Keryn's declaration says. "I know his condition has continued to worsen and I want nothing more than to see him again. If I could ask two things of the Court, they would be this: (a) Can I see my Grumpy? and (b) Please protect my Grumpy."

There's only one Keryn Redstone on Twitter, an unverified account, but if it is this Keryn her most recent tweet could give insight into her state of mind on the issue. 


In the ex parte application, Herzer's attorney Pierce O'Donnell also asks the court to allow Herzer's neurological expert to evaluate Redstone. 

"Counsel claim that his inability to communicate is solely the result of a speech impediment and that he suffers from mild to moderate cognitive impairment, but that he is not sufficiently incapacitated to render invalid his health care decisions," O'Donnell writes. "Petitioner, on the other hand, contends that Redstone’s difficulties are the outward manifestation of more profound neurological damage which resulted from severe pneumonias in September 2014, and that the brain disorder afflicting Redstone is one reason that he suffers from moderate to severe cognitive impairment and is unable to make or communicate health care decisions."

It seemed the fight was close to a resolution earlier this month, until settlement talks hit a "snag" and depositions that had been put off indefinitely were rescheduled.

Shari's deposition is underway, and Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman is set to be deposed on April 29. 

Redstone's attorneys declined to comment.