Sumner Redstone's Granddaughter Sides With Viacom Board Members Against Shari

Keryn Redstone adds more family drama to Viacom board circus.
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Sumner Redstone's granddaughter Keryn is again joining forces with those who oppose her aunt Shari — this time it's Viacom directors.

Keryn issued a statement Wednesday morning through her attorney Pierce O'Donnell saying Shari in charge of Redstone's companies would be his worst nightmare.

"I do not intend to let Shari get away with this outrage," the statement reads. "I will soon be announcing legal steps to join with the Viacom directors in our common cause to liberate my grandfather from Shari’s clutches and protect my fellow trust beneficiaries and myself from her machinations."

The drama surrounding the 93-year-old mogul's mental capacity has now spread from his family and ex-girlfriends to his colleagues. Earlier this week Frederic Salerno, the lead independent shareholder of Viacom, sent a letter on behalf of himself and a handful of other board members that says they will fight any attempts to be removed by Shari. The letter also says Salerno and the chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee, Bill Schwartz, have tried to meet with Redstone in person for weeks to no avail. 

Shari fired back with a statement of her own, saying Salerno should spend less time worrying about her and how to keep his seat and more time thinking about how to increase the value of the company.  

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman also asked the court this week to fast track his lawsuit to determine if Redstone is being unduly influenced Shari. 

Keryn alleges that Shari not only influences her grandfather, but claims that Shari and her sons have also "managed to totally isolate and effectively kidnap, brainwash, and take advantage of" him.

She alleges there's no way that Redstone, if competent and in control, would decline to meet with his fellow directors as Salerno has claimed. 

"My experience is the same as the Viacom directors — Shari will not let us see Sumner," says Keryn's statement. "Because I was in the house, I know that my grandfather has been incompetent since last October. This is why Shari is keeping me away, because I will not lie or conceal the truth about my grandfather’s condition."