Sumner Redstone's Granddaughter to Testify at Trial, but Can't Join Lawsuit

Keryn Redstone asked the court to become a co-petitioner along with her grandfather's ex-companion Manuela Herzer and submitted a declaration supporting her claims.
Christopher Patey

Sumner Redstone's granddaughter Keryn can't become a co-petitioner in the battle over his health care, but she will be allowed to testify at trial.

Manuela Herzer's attorney Ira Steinberg issued a statement on Wednesday in response to the decision from judge David J. Cowan, which came a day after Keryn Redstone submitted her request along with a very detailed declaration to the court that says the mogul lives in prison-like conditions.

"Judge Cowan ruled that Keryn Redstone will testify, and therefore the game-changing testimony she sets forth in her declaration will be presented at trial," Steinberg writes.

Herzer sued last fall after she was kicked out of Redstone's home, claiming the mogul is not competent to make decisions about his own health or his businesses and those around him have undue influence on him. Redstone's attorneys have painted Herzer's suit as nothing more than a financially-motivated invasion of privacy.

Herzer's attorneys had also asked the court to allow her neurological expert to examine Redstone, but the mogul's attorneys withdrew their expert as a potential witness so the request became moot, according to Steinberg. 

"Once the Redstone team withdrew their expert neurologist, Petitioner then withdrew her application for a neurological examination of Mr. Redstone by Dr. Geschwind," he writes.

Redstone's attorneys declined to comment.

The trial set for May 6 is still on, and Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman's court-mandated deposition is scheduled for April 29.