Sumner Redstone's Ex Sues Shari Redstone for $100 Million Claiming Spying

Battle Over Sumner Redstone's Empire_Split - H 2016
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Battle Over Sumner Redstone's Empire_Split - H 2016

Sumner Redstone's former companion Manuela Herzer kicked off a new round of legal actions on Monday aimed at the mogul's daughter, grandsons and several of his employees alleging that they violated her privacy and interfered with her expected inheritance.

The new lawsuit came mere minutes after a judge ruled that Redstone knew exactly what he was doing when he kicked Herzer out of his home and removed her as the agent of his healthcare directive.

In a video deposition taken last week, Redstone repeatedly called Herzer a "f—ing bitch," but Herzer's attorneys say he's been brainwashed by his inner circle and that testimony was rehearsed. So she's suing for more than $100 million, claiming Redstone is "a captive of a daughter whom he loathed and a nursing staff who betrayed him." 

“With Herzer gone, Shari and her children descended on Sumner’s Beverly Park mansion and undertook to brainwash Sumner about how evil and disloyal Herzer was," states the lawsuit. "They removed all photos of Herzer and her family. Staff members had to sign loyalty oaths and promise not to speak with Sumner about Herzer or communicate with Herzer, who had been banned from ever returning.”

Herzer's claims Redstone's daughter Shari conspired to remove her from the mogul's life using a ring of spies that included his driver and several nurses.

"Without the intelligence-gathering operation (and massive invasion of privacy) initiated and orchestrated by Shari [and Shari's sons] Tyler and Brandon and carried out by the Staff Defendants, the Staff Defendants could not have succeeded in inducing Sumner to disinherit Herzer," states the complaint filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court.

Herzer claims the staff members entered into a nondisclosure agreement, which they violated by eavesdropping and illegally recording private conversations that happened within Redstone’s Beverly Park mansion and sharing protected information about Redstone’s daily activities with his daughter.

A series of emails between Shari Redstone and nurse Joseph Octaviano is attached to the complaint. In a message from September 2014, Octaviano says that he created an email address "just for the purpose of our conversations" and promises "I will be reporting to you everyday as we have discussed."

By breaching their NDAs staff members cost Herzer at least $70 million in damages, the suit claims.

Herzer also says Shari surreptitiously hired an attorney last year to help staff members file bogus elder abuse complaints against her and Redstone’s ex-girlfriend Sydney Holland.

Redstone's attorneys plan to file a new elder abuse lawsuit against Herzer and Holland, which Robert Klieger alluded to in a statement Monday. "Mr. Redstone is looking forward to liberating the $150m in ‘gifts' to Ms. Herzer and her friend," he said.

Shari Redstone issued a statement in response to the lawsuit on Monday: "Promptly after her significant loss in court today‎, Herzer continued her baseless attack against the Redstone family with a second lawsuit. It is total fiction and continues to speak volumes about Herzer's motivation and character."