Tom Cruise's 'American Made' Producers Facing Another Lawsuit After Crew's Deadly Plane Crash

Tom Cruise - Mission- Impossible Press Conference - Rogue Nation -Getty - H - 2016
Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

The producers of American Made, the film formerly called Mena, are facing a second wrongful death lawsuit following a plane crash in Colombia last fall that killed two crew members and injured a third. 

The family of Carlos Berl, a Colombian pilot killed in the September 2015 crash, claims crew members were rushing to get back to Medellin because of filming delays, according to the complaint filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. 

"The terrain over which the Subject Aircraft would fly in order to reach Medellin was unsuitably difficult for such an instructional flight, especially one conducted in a rushed and unscheduled manner in an aircraft with limited flight data and weather instrumentation," states the complaint. 

In a statement Wednesday, Berl's attorney Daniel Hode said producers were aware the pilot was unprepared: “Even prior to traveling to South America, Carlos repeatedly informed the production companies that he had insufficient flight experience in that particular aircraft and required flight instruction prior to flying. His requests were completely ignored.” 

Berl's family is suing Cross Creek Pictures, Imagine Entertainment and several other individuals and entities connected to the crash for wrongful death and survival damages. Both the estate of Alan Purwin, the stunt pilot who died in the crash, and Jimmy Lee Garland, the survivor who was severely injured, are named as defendants. 

Purwin's widow sued producers and Berl's estate in April. 

Attorneys for the defendants have not yet commented on the lawsuit, which you can read in full below.