Tommy Lee Jones Ex-Agents Seek to Confirm $1.95 Million Arbitration Award

No Country for Old Men - Movie Stills: Tommy Lee Jones - P - 2007
Paramount Pictures

The prolongued legal fight between Tommy Lee Jones and his ex-talent agency has taken another turn, with William Morris Endeavor filing a petition Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court to confirm a $1.95 million arbitration award of commissions from No Country for Old Men.

As THR has previously reported, a California labor commissioner ruled that Jones must pay WME ten percent of a $15 million settlement he received from Paramount after bringing a claim for compensation from the 2007 best picture Oscar winner, which grossed $171.6 million worldwide. With interest, that award amounted to $1.95 million.

Jones on Oct. 11 filed an appeal of that ruling in Los Angeles Superior Court, asking a court to force WME to disgorge all commissions that WME has received from No Country, plus an order requring it to pay $250,000 for the alleged breaches of fiduciary duties, plus a declaration denying WME any further commissions. At the time, WME lead lawyer Kerry Garvis Wright told THR: "We don't believe there's any basis for an appeal."

Now WME has followed up that statement with the expected petition to confirm the arbitration award. A judge will likely consider the petition and Jones' appeal simultaneously.


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