Trump Resolves $10M Lawsuit With Former Staffer

Donald Trump - Faith and Freedom Forum Coalition's Road to Majority conference -Getty-H 2016
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said in a March interview that he doesn't settle lawsuits — but that's precisely what happened with the former staffer he was dueling with in court.

The exact circumstances surrounding the settlement remain to be seen, but both Sam Nunberg's attorney Andrew Miltenberg and Trump's attorney Lawrence Rosen confirmed Thursday to The Hollywood Reporter that the fight is over.

"The matter was resolved amicably," Rosen said in a brief statement to THR.

Trump filed a $10 million arbitration complaint against ex-aide Nunberg in July, claiming he violated his non-disclosure agreement by spilling secrets to the media. Nunberg fired back, saying the Trump Campaign falsely accused him of leaking information to the New York Post about a public screaming match between ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and spokeswoman Hope Hicks. Further, Nunberg argued his consulting agreement demands that disputes be resolved in New York state court. 

While the beginning of the battle was playing out behind closed doors and temporarily sealed documents, Nunberg's attorneys last week brashly called out the candidate in court briefs — after Trump's camp accused him of filing the lawsuit for publicity. 

An agreement to discontinue the proceedings with prejudice was signed by attorneys earlier this week and filed with the court on Thursday.