Two Producers Say Harvey Weinstein Scandal Shouldn't Cost Them Paycheck

Alexandra Milchan Headshot - P 2011
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Alexandra Milchan Headshot - P 2011

When it comes to Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct, there are the lawsuits and potential criminal actions that will deal directly with this matter. And then there are the legal actions pertaining to the collateral damage, specifically those who lost jobs or pay thanks to the scandal.

Scott Lambert and Alexandra Milchan are now suing The Weinstein Company after Amazon backed out of a television project being helmed by David O. Russell. The series had Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore attached as stars, but at a reported cost of $160 million, Amazon didn't want to risk anything associated with Weinstein as more and more women came forward to accuse the entertainment industry producer of bad deeds.

It's not that simple, assert the producers in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The two spent years developing the project, uprooted their lives to New York and "were to be compensated for their work as producers on a pay-or-play basis," states the complaint.

That didn't happen.

"TWC had lured Plaintiffs into a trap," continues the complaint. "Unknown to Plaintiffs, TWC's former co-chairman, Harvey Weinstein, had engaged in multiple acts of sexual misconduct. This misconduct — which TWC knew very well, but concealed from Plaintiffs — was effectively a ticking time bomb. In October 2017, the time bomb exploded with the revelation of Weinstein's sordid history of sex abuse. The Project was one of its casualties, as Amazon, seeking to distance itself from Weinstein, withdrew from the Project. TWC then withheld the compensation that it had promised to pay the Plaintiffs."

Lambert and Milchan want at least $2 million in damages with asserted causes of action of breach of written contract, quantum meruit, negligence and fraud by concealment.

Here's the full complaint.