U.S. Government to Argue Against Aereo in Supreme Court Tuesday

US Supreme Court Building - H 2012
Getty Images

US Supreme Court Building - H 2012

The Supreme Court has granted the U.S. government's motion to argue against Aereo in Tuesday's oral argument, the Court's docket revealed. As The Hollywood Reporter previously reported, the move was expected: The Court almost always grants such a motion when the government has filed an amicus brief and seeks time at argument.

The government's participation is likely to be highly influential, experts previously told THR. It's expected that the government will have 10 minutes to argue, leaving ABC with 20 minutes and Aereo with a half-hour.

The advocate on behalf of the government will not be U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli or his principal deputy, Ian Gershengorn. Both are recused for undisclosed reasons. The most likely advocate will be a top career deputy in the office, Edwin Kneedler, who is listed on the brief as the counsel of record.

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