Viacom Beats 'Dating Naked' Contestant's Lawsuit Over Uncensored Crotch

Dating Naked Still - H 2014

Dating Naked Still - H 2014

If more proof is necessary that reality television dreamers sacrifice quite a lot in their attempts to become famous, VH1 Dating Naked star Jessie Nizewitz has just lost her lawsuit alleging Viacom and producers of the show violated her privacy by failing to "blur out her vagina and anus."

Nizewitz, 28, filed the complaint in New York Supreme Court last August, alleging she "suffered and continues to suffer severe extreme emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment" from having her private parts broadcast to a national audience.

In reaction to the lawsuit, the defendants, including Lighthearted Entertainment and Firelight Entertainment, said that the former stripper was once comfortable with the show's premise. Before casting her, producers made her consent to being filmed in the nude and allow the footage to be telecast without restriction. "Unfettered nudity," said the producers, "was a crucial aspect of the program."

The plaintiff argued in turn that while she may have signed away consent, she also had an oral agreement with producers promising a blurring. She also contended that gross negligence couldn't prospectively be waived.

For its part, Viacom told the judge that the written agreements "specifically disclaimed reliance on any extraneous oral representations" and that it had no duty to obscure her genitals to the over 96 million households that receive VH1.

At a hearing last week, New York Supreme Court justice Anil Singh agreed with the defendants that Nizewitz had consented to be on Dating Naked with knowledge of what it would entail. The signed agreements aren't trumped by the supposed oral promises. Singh read her ruling from the bench. A written opinion isn't yet available, but the order to dismiss has been recorded.

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