Video Game Developer Sues Beyoncé for $100 Million

Lunae Parracho/Getty Images

Beyoncé has been sued by a video game developer for $100 million for allegedly pulling out of a deal to create a motion-sensing dance video game after the company spent $6.7 million on the project. The pop star is said to have acted on "a whim," driving 70 people into unemployment the week before Christmas with an "extortionate demand" for more compensation.

Gate Five filed a summons Tuesday in New York Supreme Court, teasing a complaint soon to be filed that would fully lay out the details of what happened. But in advance of that complaint, which is said to be delayed as the parties resolve confidentiality issues, the three-page summons reveals high drama last December.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter allegedly demanded more money at a "crucial moment" in the development of a dance video game that was to be called Starpower: Beyoncé. Her demands purportedly drove away the financier, who is said to have found the pop singer "too erratic" to do business with.

The summons continues:

"Her actions were so unscrupulous that her then-manager (who is also her father) renounced them, while a senior member of the company that had agreed to finance the project condemned her conduct as 'morally reprehensible' in an e-mail he sent to one of her talent agents."

Gate Five says it plans to soon attempt to recover its monetary damages, from the $6.7 million it had already spent on the project to the $100 million worth of profits it estimated would be coming as the fruits of its labor.

A spokesperson for Beyoncé couldn't be reached for comment.


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