Warner Bros. Settles 'Big Bang Theory' Age Discrimination Lawsuit

A crewmember who says he was ostracized after turning 50 has settled his suit against the sitcom's producers.
'The Big Bang Theory'

An age discrimination lawsuit filed by a former assistant director on The Big Bang Theory has quietly been settled, according to documents filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court. 

Christopher Klausen sued Warner Bros. Television in August, claiming he was ostracized by the sitcom's stars and crews after his 50th birthday and eventually terminated because of his age.

Klausen worked on the show for seven years and says during his final few seasons his duties were slowly reassigned to younger and less experienced employees.

Warners asserted dozens of defenses, including that the company had good cause not to renew Klausen's contract and failure to renew does not necessarily equal termination.

The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed and the parties have so far declined to comment on their deal. 

A hearing concerning the dismissal of the case in light of the settlement is scheduled for July 18.