Wayans Brothers Settle Joke Theft Lawsuit

Alas, there will be no jokes from the Wayans Brothers in a Los Angeles courtroom.

On the eve of a trial to determine whether Keenen, Shawn and Marlon ripped off jokes for their book, You Know You're a Golddigger When..., the matter has been resolved by the parties.

Jared Edwards sued the Wayans clan after working for them for a decade. He claims he pitched the idea for book that would include material like "You know you're a golddigger when you divorce your celebrity husband but keep his last name to get into clubs."

The Wayanses rejected the idea, then allegedly did their own version. The book didn't sell too well, however, and a judge capped any damage award that a jury might deliver as punishment.

Now both sides have filed a joint stipulation to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit. Exact terms aren't known, and we haven't yet heard back from Edwards' attorney.

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