Weinstein Jury Remains Focused on Annabella Sciorra's Account

Annabella Sciorra attends the opening night of the MoMA film series - Getty-H 2020
Lars Niki/Getty Images for Museum of Modern Art

Thursday was another long day for the 12 men and women of the Harvey Weinstein jury, who have now spent three days deliberating on the five criminal charges against him.

The jurors appeared only once in the court room on Thursday, after 4 p.m., when they used their only note of the day to request a reread of a piece of testimony and to also let the judge know they were done for the day.

Several clearly tired jurors laughed when Judge James Burke read the note aloud and conveyed their conclusion of the day's discussions. "Welcome back, jurors," the judge told them when they first appeared. "I feel like I haven't seen you in a long time."

Before wrapping for the day, the jurors asked to rehear the Jan. 23 cross-examination of Sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra, who had testified that Weinstein raped her in the winter of 1993. They will get to hear the testimony "first thing" on Friday morning, the judge said.

Of the seven notes that the jurors have sent to the judge, several have related to Sciorra's allegations against Weinstein, suggesting the panel has been laser-focused on her case.

The actress' testimony is key to the two charges of predatory sexual assault Weinstein faces. Were the jury to be convinced of Weinstein's guilt toward Sciorra and one other women, either Miriam Haley or Jessica Mann (or both), they have the option of convicting him on the charges, which could render him a life sentence.

On Tuesday, the first day of deliberations, the jurors sought to understand why Weinstein was not charged with other crimes related to Sciorra's account. The alleged crime is too old to be prosecuted alone, though the judge urged them not to speculate.

On Wednesday, the jury asked to see all email communications mentioning Sciorra, with a particular interest in Weinstein's use of private investigators to keep tabs on her. They were presented with these communications to review on Thursday.

In their Thursday afternoon note, the jury also asked to see a list of people Sciorra spoke to about her accusation against Weinstein.

So far, none of the seven notes have related to Mann, which seems to imply that the jury has not yet considered her account of Weinstein raping her in 2013.

Mann's allegations are contained in the third, fourth and fifth charges against Weinstein, which suggests that the jury is deliberating slowly and surely and is not yet nearing the unanimous verdict they must reach in the case.