What's Behind a Power Lawyer's Obsession With Waitstaff

Attorney Robert Darwell, who landed on THR's 2014 Power Lawyers list, explains why he keeps snapping photos of waiters and waitresses.

This story first appeared in the June 13 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Hollywood insiders are trying to figure out why THR 2014 Power Lawyer Robert Darwell keeps snapping photos of waiters and waitresses. Look no further than @TheDailyServer, his Instagram feed. It profiles waitstaff on his travels, most recently to Cannes, and the Sheppard Mullin partner posts photos of his server only. There has been one major snafu -- one of Darwell’s clients (he won’t say who) temporarily lost their Soho House membership over a bartender pic Darwell respectfully deleted.

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Its 2,200 followers include Focus Features’ Howard Meyers and CAA agent Dan Steinman. Why servers? Darwell worked at TGI Fridays in college and says it helped him develop as a lawyer: "My client service is the same today; nobody wants to hear you blame the kitchen."