Will Anyone in Hollywood Try to Block This Sex Tape?

Another day in Hollywood, another sex tape scandal. This one has a twist.

An anonymous plaintiff on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against an anonymous defendant in Los Angeles Superior Court. Provoking speculation, the lawsuit targets an "A-list celebrity of substantial fame (who) failed to inform plaintiff that he was infected with an incurable venereal disease."

Normally, we wouldn't touch this kind of a case, but TMZ reports there are multiple videos involved, and now there's a bidding war among porn companies for the right to distribute the tapes.

Typically, sex tapes instantly trigger legal action, and celebrities have been known to assert copyright and publicity claims to shut down distribution. But if that's going to happen in this case, the unknown celebrity is going to have to authenticate the tape, which may mean being associated with a STD (or at least the allegation that he has an STD).

The anonymous plaintiff is seeking $20 million in damages in her lawsuit. That sounds like a stretch and makes us wonder whether this is merely an ingenious set-up to release the tape without someone trying to block it.

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