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Do Not Hesitate

NR 91m

While on a peace mission in the Middle East, three young soldiers, Erik, Roy and Thomas, are left to their own devices when their vehicle breaks down in the middle of the desert. Becoming increasingly detached from reality, the soldiers try to keep their head cool. But they lose control of the situation when they meet 14-year-old Khalil, who then refuses to leave. Disastrous events start to pile up and the soldiers feel compelled to follow the boy into a hostile area in search of water. Slowly but surely, their paranoia grows stronger. Where exactly is he leading them, and can they even trust him?

Starring: Joes Brauers, Tobas Kersloot, Spencer Bogaert, Omar Alwan

Directed by: Shariff Korver

Written by: Jolein Laarman

Produced by: Judy Tossell

Q&A: Shariff Korver