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NR 90m

Living in the same nursing home, the two elderly enjoy their time together, sometimes argue like couples do, but often have to start over again, as if they met for the first time. Bruno lives in a nursing home, and constantly craves for Duša, only to forget her after each of their encounters. When he is alone, his past resurfaces violently, causing him to want to run away from the resting home, in an attempt to get back to his own home, his wife and his dog – who, sadly, are no longer there. Their unique relationship evokes Gigliola Cinquetti’s “Non ho l’età” (Sanremo 1964), which happens to be the one common memory from both protagonists’ youth.

Starring: Silva Cusin, Sandi Pavlin

Directed by: Miroslav Mandic

Written by: Miroslav Mandic

Produced by: Miroslav Mandic, Marta Zaccaron

Q&A: Miroslav Mandic