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The Falls

NR 129m

When a classmate tests positive for COVID-19, high schooler Xiao Jing (Gingle Wang) begins home quarantine. Her mother, Pin-Wen (Alyssa Chia), is asked by her company to take a leave of absence. Confined together, the already thorny mother-daughter relationship becomes strained. After several strange episodes, Pin-Wen is hospitalized and diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. Only then does Xiao Jing realize her mother is truly ill. Facing sickness, unemployment, and family debts, a cloud of difficulties looms over their future. Mental illness causes the mother and daughter’s lives to swerve in unexpected directions, yet it also untangles threads that have long been twisted around their hearts. Pin-Wen discovers that when she falls, the only one who can catch her is her daughter.

Starring: Alyssa Chia, Gingle Wang

Directed by: Mong-Hong Chung

Written by: Mong-Hong Chung, Yao-Sheng Chang

Produced by: Shao-Chien Tseng, Arthur Chu, Cheng-Yu Tung

Q&A: Chung Mong-Hong