Long Reads 2019

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The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images

Tragedy in an Animation Utopia: Horror, Heartbreak and Mystery After an Arson Massacre

Kyoto Animation was a beloved cornerstone of Japan’s booming $2 billion anime industry when a deranged man attempted to burn it all down, resulting in the country's worst act of mass murder since World War II. But why? In his first in-depth interview since the July attack, the company's founder opens up about his shock, despair and will to bounce back: "As long as we have one person, we will keep going."

"The Environment Was Very Toxic": Nudity, a Graphic Photo and the Untold Story of Why Ruth Wilson Left 'The Affair'

The actress shocked fans of her Showtime drama when she suddenly quit the role that earned her a Golden Globe, then said she wasn't allowed to say why. Now, insiders reveal a complex situation that involved complaints of a hostile work environment, Lena Dunham, and a director and showrunner who sparked a formal investigation.