The Hollywood Reporter Roundtables

The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtable series features top contributors to the year's most buzzed-about films and TV series, including actors, actresses, producers, writers and directors

Photographed By Charles W. Murphy

"No One Wants to Be the Good Guy": Hugh Grant, Richard Madden, Billy Porter and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actor Roundtable

Stephan James, Diego Luna and Sam Rockwell also open up about why they'd rather play the villain ("When you're dark, it strikes a chord"), the upside of failure ("I was never more confident than when I had no success because I had nothing to lose") and being put in a box: "Our job is to entertain. It's not to practice some weird, quasi-religious experience."

"You're Not Gonna F***in' Tell Me What My Story Is": Sam Esmail, Nic Pizzolatto and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Showrunner Roundtable

Steven Canals, Sera Gamble, Marti Noxon and the late John Singleton also sound off on the scenes that make them nervous ("Part of the excitement is rattling some cages"), the most dangerous question in any writers room ("What are we going to do this episode?") and why "it's important sometimes to ruin the narrative."