Molly's Game

'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Aaron Sorkin ('Molly's Game')

On the occasion of his first foray into directing, the prominent screenwriter — for screens small ('The West Wing') and big ('The Social Network') — opens up about his unlikely journey from actor/bartender to writer, dissects his strengths (dialogue) and weaknesses (story) and opens up about past controversies (drugs, the Sony hack) and criticsms (how he handles female characters).

"Murder, Mayhem and Torture" Off the Sunset Strip: The Tragic Story of the Budding Director and His Dead Girlfriend

Before he was arrested in the brutal scalping death of the mother of his newborn daughter, promising scion Blake Leibel got caught up in a twisted love triangle and developed ties to the decadent poker scene depicted in 'Molly's? Game.' As he prepares to stand trial, those who knew Leibel best reveal what could have caused him to break so bad.