Rule Breakers of the Year

"I could hear from every single studio head that that is the best idea they’ve ever heard, and until I hear it from her, I won’t do it," says Krasinski of Blunt. 

Andrew Hetherington

Inside the Smart 'Crazy Rich Asians' Marketing Campaign That Led to a $174M Box Office Win

The plan, featured in The Hollywood Reporter's year-end Rule Breakers issue, included a first big outing at an L.A. reveal for 1,200 influencers in April — four months before the movie's Aug. 15 release date, the earliest the studio had ever screened one of its films: "Our ambition was to give the Asian-American community ownership of the film before we did everything else."

Janelle Monae on Why She's Ready to Break Down Her "Private" Barriers: "It's Uncomfortable For Me"

After releasing her most personal work yet in 'Dirty Computer,' the SAG Award-winning actress and Grammy-nominated singer — part of The Hollywood Reporter's year-end Rule Breakers issue — is offering a glimpse of who she is with her lineup of other projects including another album, numerous films, and a feminist biopic: "I'm in a highly creative space."