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Her Darkest Role: Actress Allison Mack's Descent From 'Smallville' to Sex Cult

Like many in Hollywood, Mack sought spiritual guidance outside the mainstream. But 12 years after checking out a women's empowerment seminar, she stands accused of recruiting "slaves" and branding women with a hot cauterizing pen. Through interviews with close friends and ex-members of the Nxivm cult, THR reveals how a charismatic fan favorite allegedly morphed into the leader's No. 2 and explores the persistent allure and pernicious effect of cults on entertainment.

Spike Lee Unleashes 'BlacKkKlansman': Race, Trump and Being "Robbed" of Cannes' Palme d'Or

Nearly 30 years ago, the fiery filmmaker lost out on the festival's biggest award, for 'Do the Right Thing' (and no, he hasn't forgiven jury president Wim Wenders). Now he's back with another button-pushing look at race relations — with Jordan Peele on board as a producer — that's made more urgent by Charlottesville and the president, whom he calls a man "on the wrong side of history."