Regé-Jean Page on the Moment He Knew His Career Had Changed Post-‘Bridgerton,’ Having the “Best A– of My Life” in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

The actor stopped by 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' to talk about his upcoming film

Regé-Jean Page opened up about the moment in his life he knew Bridgerton had changed things for him, being labeled the “most handsome man in the world” and having “the best ass of my life” while filming Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

The actor on Tuesday stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert for the first time, where he was welcomed with extended applause and cheering that made him jokingly question if the host had hired the audience.

Colbert pointed out that people still remember him “quite fondly” from the first season of Bridgerton — “multiple parts of you from the season” — before asking him when he knew his career had changed as a result of the Netflix series.

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Page explained there were a few moments when it hit him, but there was one in particular that he recalled: when he arrived in Belfast to film Dungeons & Dragons a few months after the steamy drama had been released.

“I remember landing in Northern Ireland,” he recounted. “I got into the car, the ride from the airport, and the driver turned on the radio, and they were running a competition to find me. They were like, ‘Regé-Jean Page is in town, call us if you know where he is.’ So, I just kind of holed up in the hotel for like two, three months. I just basically didn’t leave my room. So, it’s a bit of a mixed blessing, like, ‘Y’all are lovely and give me lots and lots of attention,’ and, ‘Y’all are lovely and give me lots and lots of attention.'”

The Bridgerton alum said some people found him, but the people of Belfast of very nice and forthcoming, so they didn’t sneak pictures. Instead, they would run up to him and excitedly welcome him to the area.

“It was a very weird inversion,” he told the host. “Set used to be like the extraordinary place. Like I’d go into set, and that’d be the place where like dreams happen, and everything was odd, and I got to play Hollywood, and then you go home, and you sit the coffee shops, and life’s normal.”

He continued, “After Bridgerton, set was where people treated me normally, and I just went to work, and I kind of had interactions with my workmates, and the public became the performance space because that’s where I’m being watched all day long. So it was a very, very odd flip that happened, and I’m still kind of learning how to navigate kind of with grace, because you want to meet people, and you want to share in the joy that you give people. That’s the reason you do the job.”

The Dungeons & Dragons star said he likes to stop for a moment before leaving his place to take a breath and mentally prepare himself to go out into the world. In doing so, it allows him to be more ready to meet people and share the projects he’s created with his fans.

“On TV, there is a shared aspect to that thing you make,” he explained. “The reason Bridgerton was such a sensation is that there was something that gave us a sense of community, communal escapism when we’re all kind of trapped in our own little bubbles. I think that that’s something very special and something to be treated with care and with gratitude.”

Colbert went on to ask Page about his thoughts on a headline from the New York Post in January that declared him the “most handsome man in the world,” according to science. The actor said it was news to him and that he doesn’t look at himself in the mirror every morning and say those things to himself. He also explained that he felt like it was a bit of an “ambush headline” because he wasn’t in the news at that moment and was taking some time to himself to relax before the Dungeons & Dragons press tour, when suddenly people were talking about him again.

The guest and host riffed about their colognes and how they both smell delicious, before transitioning back to Bridgerton when Page shared that “what people don’t know” about the show is that he and co-star Phoebe Dynevor “both had horrendous coffee breath the whole way through.”

Colbert ended the first segment of his interview with Page by asking him about a quote he gave to Entertainment Weekly in which he proclaimed that while he was shooting Dungeons & Dragons, he “had the best ass of my life.”

“You were already admired for your posterior and your generosity of sharing it with us in Bridgerton, but why did it get better? Why did you improve?” the host asked. “How did it get better in Dungeons & Dragons?

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Page cheekily answered, “Very occasionally, I just give the people what they want.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves hits theaters March 31.