Zack Snyder Directs ‘The Late Show: The Snyder Cut’

The director joined Stephen Colbert Wednesday night for a comical segment to help give the late night show a refresh.

After already having delivered his director’s cut of Justice League, Zack Snyder was ready to offer a “Snyder Cut” take on another project: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

During a segment on The Late Show’s Wednesday night show, the director says he was ready for a “challenge” as he directed a special episode.

“As a director I like a challenge. That’s why I spent my whole career tackling the big genres. I’m always looking to grow as an artist so when my agent asked me if I wanted to direct an episode of The Late Show, I immediately said yes,” Snyder said in a spoof behind-the-scenes interview before admitting that he was excited because he loves “Carpool Karaoke” — a popular segment on James Corden’s The Late Late Show.

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Colbert also shared his excitement: “We were so excited that Zack signed on to this project. He has a genius for visual storytelling… He can do it all. And, most importantly, Zack loves our show. He loves what we do. He just had a few minor suggestions.”

The late-night host was proven to be mistaken as Snyder quipped that “everything had to change,” in particular with Colbert’s set which he would improve through the use of CGI. “We envisioned a late night set unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.”

Colbert described the new digital environment as something that embodied “freedom.” “This desk that I’m at here is $80 million more my actual desk. But it can instantly transform into anything,” he said, only for Snyder to note that it would remain a desk and it’s the “potential to be anything is what great cinema is about.”

Later on, Snyder helped advise Colbert on how to recite his opening statements. “Your family is trapped under an overturn tank… You’re hungry for revenge,” he told Colbert, who then began welcoming viewers with a more somber and angrier tone.

For Colbert’s monologue, Snyder says he was hoping to deliver what Zack Snyder fans have been “demanding for years… Another classic Zack Snyder slow-motion shot.” To offer some action, Snyder threw a knife at the late-night host, which was filmed in slow-motion. “Directing is all about keeping talent out of their comfort zone,” Snyder said, with Colbert adding that a lot of blood was lost that day.

When considering “Zack Snyder leads,” Colbert says he was “flattered” for Snyder to help him given the director works with leading men considered to be “Gods among mortals.”

Because Colbert “fills out his clothes like lentils fill out a sandwich bag,” Snyder explains that he enlisted an “elite Hollywood personal trainer” to help Colbert in his fitness regimen but it ended with “unbelievable” results such as actually losing muscle mass.

Snyder also helped direct The Late Show’s band, where he referenced the zombie makeup he’s used for his upcoming Netflix film Army of the Dead. Then for interview segments, he envisioned them all to have a “subtle reference” to the alternate future he created at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League which featured Jared Leto’s Joker.

“The whole episode is 16 hours and 47 min and that’s just the beginning of the extended Late Show Snyder verse… Suck it Warner Brothers,” Colbert said. Though Snyder noted those were Colbert’s words, “not his,” he couldn’t help but also poke some fun. “But yeah, suck it Warner Brothers,” he said.

The segment finished with a message that teased “The Late Show: Snyder Cut” would be headed to Paramount+: “A mountain of suck it Warner Brothers,” the narrator could be overheard saying.